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Teaching Testimonials

Laura Clapper (Zabanal) is an exceptional teacher. She helped make music come alive with her playing along with practical examples. She never gave up on me and always pushed me with the highest expectations. She is humble and I am glad to have had her as my teacher in the last years of my college career. I would not be the music teacher I am today without her example in my life.

- FSU Graduate

“Dr. Laura Clapper (Zabanal) taught my 8-year-old son the flute for about 8 months, and we absolutely loved her as a teacher. She was responsible, on time, professional, so patient and kind. He always looked forward to his lessons with her. She even inspired him (for a moment as only an 8-year-old can be) to become a professional flutist. Dr. Clapper is a lovely individual who will brighten any lesson with her energy, warm smile, and expertise. She is the perfect choice for a teacher.”

- Parent of Beginning Student

“I am so grateful to have had Dr. Laura Clapper (Zabanal) as my teacher during her doctoral studies at Florida State University. She is one of the most well-rounded musicians I have ever met with background research or performance experience in many different fields of music. Coupled with that knowledge is a deep sense of compassion for and dedication to her students. Dr. Clapper individualizes instruction to meet the student’s individual needs and goals, and she is always willing to go the extra mile to help her students succeed. Dr. Clapper helped me grow as a musician beyond what I thought I was capable of, and I am so thankful to have worked with a teacher as kind and knowledgeable as her!” 

- FSU Undergraduate Student

“Laura Clapper (Zabanal) has been teaching me recorder for over a year. Laura is an excellent teacher who pushes her student to go further, yet who with good humor, is very forgiving about mistakes. She has taken me from someone who has had no opportunity to learn music to someone who can read [music] and play the recorder in that time.”  

- Adult Student

“I worked with Laura during my first year of undergraduate school at Florida State University. Laura is an amazing educator and performer. I always looked forward to our weekly flute lessons. She had great energy and a positive attitude toward learning. No matter what I was going through, she was always there to listen to me and encourage me to try my best. She is such an inspiration and a great role model!” 

- FSU Undergraduate Student

Dr. Laura Clapper (Zabanal) is one of the most knowledgeable and kind teachers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I have left lessons feeling much more confident about my playing, especially when I would be working on contemporary music. She was able to give me different exercises to make myself more comfortable with the unique techniques that the pieces would require. Dr. Clapper also has extensive knowledge of Baroque music and is able to make the music interesting by adding singing and dancing to the learning process. This approach to teaching allowed myself as a student to enjoy a genre of music that I have struggled with in the past. Each lesson with Dr. Clapper is different from the last and leaves you feeling more confident about yourself and your playing.”   

- FSU Graduate

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