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My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching practices are deeply rooted in the philosophy that

each student has potential and a musical voice to share.

I believe that through open-mindedness, hard work, and dedication,

any student can become an effective music communicator.

As a teacher, my first goal is to facilitate learning and growth so that

students may develop their own inner musical voices.

My job as a teacher is to spark independent thinking and encourage students to pursue work that is artistically and personally satisfying for them.

Ultimately, I want to guide students to become their own best teachers,

enjoy the learning process,

and discover how music can be a tool for personal expression.

I teach beginning through advanced students of all ages, and the first lesson is free!

We will first discuss your needs and goals and get to know one another.

For subsequent lessons, we will develop a meeting schedule and payment plan together.

I offer weekly or bi-weekly lessons in increments of 45 and 60 minutes.


Every student will need to bring the following to EACH lesson:

An instrument in good working condition

A cleaning rod and cloth

Music and assignments

A lesson notebook or 3-ring binder with loose-leaf paper

Pencils with working erasers

A tuner/metronome app


A great attitude!

How do lessons work, and what will I need?

I emphasize the importance of setting short- and long-term goals with each of my students.

As a studio teacher, I provide an environment for students to

1) explore, 2) have new experiences, and 3) develop good playing habits.

In lessons, we focus on the following:

Music Fundamentals






Through continuous goal-setting, structured practicing, and positive encouragement, students will enjoy music-making and develop skill on their instrument.

What will I learn in lessons?
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